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Europcar Atlantique uses referrals for all its roles

“Convinced by the referral principle for identifying key executives, Tony Lesaffre, co-director of Europcar Atlantique, is now a referral pro […]

Benefits and limitations of recruitment through employee referrals

After three years, the Keycoopt platform now has over 25,000 referrers working in all sectors and business lines. The aim […]

Keycoopt is working hard to promote the concept of employee referrals.

« The start-up is planning to design an employee referral platform to enable companies to benefit from the power of candidate recommendations. »

“One-third of all managers are recruited following referrals”

Doing away with conventional job boards – this is what Keycoopt is proposing. Over 550 companies have used Keycoopt to […]

Raising capital comes with a heavy responsibility

“Keycoopt is the leading expert in recruitment through referrals. On its external recruitment website, 25 executives can send each other […]

Get yourself referred – it really does work!

“The recruitment process only took a month. After I’d applied, I was called in two days later and Auchan was […]

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