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The Institut Européen de Gestion has two graduate schools (écoles supérieures) located in seven cities in France. The students specialise in finance and business, or marketing and communication.

Lille 1, Masters in Human Resources Management

The Masters 2 programme trains students in managing human resources in private companies (mainly) and the public sector.
The Masters in managing human resources offers its students high-level specialised training.


Founded in 1898 in Lille, around 600 engineers graduate every year with almost half graduating through apprenticeships. These results make ICAM one of the biggest engineering schools in France.


A communication school, which trains students to be experts in communication, marketing, advertising, web technologies and HR. Based in Lille, its alumni network has almost 800 members.


Jeanne d’Arc

This school trains students for BTSs (advanced vocational diplomas) through work-study programmes in sales, real estate, electrical engineering, management, and banking, as well as preparing students to pass entrance examinations in the health and social sectors, etc.