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Recruitment through job referrals is enjoying enormous success.
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Keycoopt, the employee referral specialist raises capital for the third time – €1.2 million

A pioneer and leader in recruitment through employee referrals, Keycoopt has just finalised its third capital-raising operation. After convincing Boulanger and Europcar of the effectiveness of the Keycoopt System, the company plans to use this newly raised capital to penetrate the Russian and Chinese markets […]


#Recruitment: Keycoopt secures capital of €1.2 million for the third time

The €1.2 million will enable Keycoopt to develop its Keycoopt System SaaS solution as a white label brand with the aim of helping companies develop their own in-house employee referral programmes […]


Keycoopt System places referrals at the heart of the recruitment process

Like Keycoopt Talent, which enables recruiters to access an employee referral network and post job offers, Keycoopt System enables companies to set up their own employee referral networks thus speeding up the recruitment process, enhancing the employer brand and […]


Keycoopt, the future “TripAdvisor for recruiting managers”

“In 2011, Antoine Perruchot was contemplating the idea of creating a social networking site of referrers, who would refer their acquaintances for specific jobs. “The plan is to industrialise the referral process. In other words, to be to recruitment what TripAdvisor is to hotels