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Keycoopt Talent is

3 times faster

than classic recruitment with candidates screened in two weeks

2.5 times cheaper

than using a recruitment agency and results-based fees

30,000 referrers

30,000 hand-picked professionals referring the best candidates!

The recruitment process
with Keycoopt Talent


Giving the brief
and having your job offer prepared by your assigned consultant


Targeted sharing of your offer
with our network of referrers


All referred candidates are screened in a telephone interview
by your assigned consultant


Presenting the best candidates
after only two weeks

Our consultants will help you with all the steps of your recruitment process

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Your job offers shared
with a fully-screened network

Your job offer is shared with targeted referrers i.e. selected from among the 30,000 members of the Keycoopt network.

Whether based in France or overseas, they are all senior executives, directors, managers, etc. They all have extensive and varied networks and are eager to refer the best candidates!

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The best candidates fast.

All the candidates we send you have been appraised twice:

  • once by the referrer, who can only select one person from his/her network and who explains why they have referred this particular candidate; and
  • once by the consultant, who only selects the most promising candidate. On average, each candidate is contacted three times.

The first introductions take place after only two weeks.


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